High Altitude Optical Aeronomy Observatory
Located at Indian Astronomical Observatory, Hanle, Leh Ladakh, India

NOTE: Please read the instruction first and then view the Quicklook data !!!

• The allsky imager data is available from 12 June 2018 for 557.7 and 630.0 nm filters. There is another open filter slot (OPEN) available to check the sky condition.
• Please check the Data Availability Calendar tab for the data availability on a given night. If the data is available, then kindly check the filter OPEN for the sky condition on that night.
• If the sky condition is good (cloudless sky), please check the Quick Look images for the individual filters (557.7 and 630.0 nm) on that particular night.
• If the allsky imager data is useful, please click on the "Request Data" tab. Kindly fill up the data requisition form, print and sign in the appropriate place. Please scan and return to the Principal Investigator (Prof. Sumanta Sarkhel; sarkhel@ph.iitr.ac.in; sumantasarkhel@gmail.com) by email for receiving the required data.

Please allow JAVASCRPIT in your browser in order to view the data

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